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How to use MTS MBlaze with Ubuntu Linux

May 25, 2013

I recently bought an MBlaze internet card from MTS India, and tried to use it with Ubuntu 12.10 despite the numerous how-to articles on the internet I was unable to connect to the internet.

Then I decided to call MTS Customer Service, I spoke to one Praveen who basically said they only support windows and will not support any other OS (although the accompanying hand book clearly states that MTS supports Windows, Linux and Mac) and its my responsibility as a buyer to configure it, also a support call would take 20 working hrs (approx 3 days) to get back to me. (one of the most horrible customer service agent I have spoken to thus far).

Now, the reason I’m writing this blog post is to help people who are looking to use the  MTS dongle with Ubuntu.

First off, when you plugin the card for the first time Ubuntu will detect the device as a ZTE USB modem.

Following are the configuration settings you need to make

1.  Go to Network Connection -> Mobile Broadband

2. Click Add and go through the regular setup process.

once done you will see a window something like this.


The configuration isn’t complete still, we need to edit this and allow the dongle to connect to the internet.

When you click on edit button you should see a window similar to this.


Now comes the setting changes

in the last tab (PPP Settings) you need to only enable “PAP, MSCHAPv2” as the authentication methods, by default all the methods are selected.

next, unselect the data data and header compression check boxes, now the window should look like this


Once this setting is completed you can connect to the internet.

if this is the first time you are trying to connect to internet with the card you need to activate the card, else the network will keep disconnecting the card. for this you would require the plugin the card to a windows machine and activate it using the accompanying software.

  1. Thanks for this but my ubuntu 12.10 doesn’t detect the inserted mblaze modem….Need help !!

    • ubuntu takes a while to detect it, the first time i inserted the card, it took around 5 mins to detect…

      • I had waited for a long time also…but it didn’t work…
        I removed it and reinserted several times also

    • Ubuntu 14.04 is detecting it and working fine… now in ubuntu 14.04 with MTS Mblaze

      • Tushar permalink

        Please tell me how to operate it in ubuntu 14.04. Its not working.

      • Activate the device in a windows machine ( the activation process can only happen on windows ), then simply plug it in, ubuntu 13+ have auto detection and config for Mts cards.

  2. hmm, does the device get detected in a windows machine? also check if you get a new device-file added in /dev/ when the device is plugged in `ls /dev/serial/by-id`, if this folder exists (after you have plugged in the device and waited a few mins (for the blinking light to turn green), this folder would have 4-5 files.. this would mean that the device was detected by the OS but the device is having trouble getting initialized, so windows would be the next option,
    1. plugin the device in Windows,
    2. install the bundled software (it comes in the device itself) the (activate if necessary)
    3. try using the device in windows.
    4. try again in linux,

  3. venkatesh permalink

    Thanks works like a charm 🙂

  4. Rishabh permalink

    In windows machine working perfect but not detect in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

    • The operating system doesn’t prompt saying something has comeup (like in windows), you need to open the network connections, there you’ll notice a new option for MTS EVDO data card (or something to the like), click on it and begin the setup.

      If its a new card, you need to activate it via windows first (using MTS software) then things will work on Linux.

  5. Wattan Malik permalink

    In windows working fine but in ubuntu 13.10 sometime connect and at that time display connection information and connected but actually not connected. I have tried pppconfig also through terminal in ubuntu as described tutorial of mts for linux installation but still problem is same, not connected with ubuntu.
    No network issue because using two different laptops with windows and ubuntu, working fine in windows.

    Please help me out with some solution for the problem.

    • have you tried installing the accompanying software in the Dongle? it would require you to manually install it, there is a readme file in the dongle which describes how to install it.

      This is something the mts customer service should know. Unfortunate, They only knows to say they don’t support Linux.

  6. Tarun permalink

    Would you please tell me how to setup Mblaze in Ubantu 14.04
    It gets detected and connected but the internet still doesnt works

    • Hi Tarun,

      Please check if the device is activated, if it is then check the logs at /var/log/kern.log.. this should tell us what is happening in the system.

  7. sukhbir permalink

    Thank You!!!
    That is very helping blog.. Keep Posting such blogs..

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