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How to get Google Chrome start in Incognito mode in windows 7 Taskbar

December 31, 2012

I have been looking for ways to make google chrome start in incognito mode.

first off, you can know how to do the same from many posts on the internet like this one, but none of the posts refered as to how we can get that behavior from a desktop taskbar (in windows 7).

I did some checks and found out how to do just that.

When a window is open, the window appears on the task bar this can be pinned, the pinned window will contain the program launch command with the parameters.

if you follow the link to the post you will see how to start google chrome in incognito mode.

once you start the browser (in incognito mode), right click on the google chrome icon in the taskbar, and select “Pin this program to taskbar”,

voila, you are done, subsequently whenever you click on the google chrome  icon in taskbar, it will start in incognito mode.

  1. Yo, odd thing I ran into trying to get this to work today.

    On my laptop, the slightly outdated version of chrome there has the ability to right click the chrome icon and select to either start incognito or not. All I did was install it as normal back in November to get that behavior.

    However, now I’ve got a new desktop, with chrome’s latest version installed, and I can only pin one instance of Chrome to the taskbar.

    If I try to pin the other mode, windows only lists “Unpin this program from the taskbar”. It seems something might have changed since this was written and now windows sees both modes of Chrome as the “same program” or the “same entry”.

    I’m not taskbar savvy enough to know of a work around. I already tried making two different named shortcuts, but the result was the same, windows acts too smart about knowing it’s the same program and I can only have one or the other, not both, as a right click launch option.

    Is there a way to get the behavior from my laptop on the desktop as well? It was really handy to launch only one mode without having to open the other first, and with no access to the desktop when other things were open.

    • true, Windows has changed. there is asusual a workaround available in this case.

      1. Create a shortcut on the desktop with the config described in the post.
      1a. Optionally you can set the icon for the Shortcut you created in the desktop.
      2. Drag it onto the task bar.

      • Ah ha! I figured out what broke it.

        If you copy and paste the original chrome shortcut and then edit it, windows 7 somehow knows it’s still the same program.

        You have to make sure that the new shortcut is made from scratch. (Right click an empty spot, create new shortcut as in the guide linked to in the article) Then it works fine and windows doesn’t see it as a copy of the same program.

        Weird little bug, but the work around of making one from scratch, then dragging it to the taskbar works. Thanks!

      • And now I have another issue. When a regular Chrome or the Incognito chrome is closed, the extra icon I added for Incognito mode vanishes from the taskbar. This also happens if the computer falls asleep and I wake it up, or I log out and back in.

        I can add it again as if I never had it there in the first place, and it will repeat the above behavior, including deleting itself again. It seems windows is eating it every time any instance of chrome is closed.

        Is there a way to get it to stick around for good?

      • For now, I’ve got another work around. I made a folder with the incognito mode chrome shortcut inside it, and set up a Toolbar with the folder. I made the toolbar 1 icon wide, and set the settings for the bar to show only the icon.

        It’s a bit of a clunky way of doing it, I admit. But the result is a button that I can click on the task bar that will start chrome in the other mode. This work around is a bit bad for screen space however due to the divider the Toolbar makes, and also means that both browser modes end up stacking their taskbar windows together under the normal chrome if too many are open.

        I’m still wondering if there is a way to do the other setup, as that would result in some screen space being saved and proper program taskbar sorting when lots of windows are involved.

        I still don’t understand why Google removed the right click “start incognito window” feature in the first place. It seems like a trivial thing to make it simply launch chrome instances with the -incognito flag. Of course, I don’t know what’s happening under the hood.

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